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CAD and 3D modelling

Onshape - Fully cloud solution for 3D modelling

Blender - 3D modelling software popular in FabLabs and 3D printing

DraftSight - Free 2D CAD software by Dassauld Systemes

FreeCAD - 3D modelling in an opensource environment

SketchUp - Another free 3D modelling software

Results PostProcessing

ParaView - OpenSource and free post-processor

EnSight - Commercial post-processor for CFD and FEA data

TecPlot - Commercial post-processor for CFD and FEA data

File formats

  • STEP files (reference here)
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification - IGES files (reference here)
  • STereoLithography - STL standard files, both ASCII and BINARY (reference here)

CFD info and communities

CFD Online - An online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics with services like discussion forums, jobs, links and a wiki