CONSELF it is a pay-per-use CFD application available via browser. In order to enjoy this service, you must activate one of the available plans.

Subscription plans

Subscription plans

The plans currently available are mainly two:

  • FREELANCE and ENTERPRISE: these two plans can be activated automatically. They both give access to the complete set of commercial features present in the application and their difference regards the number of credits given every month to the user: 250 for the FREELANCE and 1500 for the ENTERPRISE.


With the subscription the user obtains a certain number of credits. Since each credit represents 1 CPU/hour of usage of CONSELF hardware resources, it is not possible to use the web application without a subscription activated. The credits calculation only starts when the process is actually submitted and in RUNNING status - so the whole settings phase has absolutely no influence on the amount of credits used.

In case the process returns an ERROR message, the credits used are not charged to the user balance.


Before start using the web application for your FEM/CFD simulations, make sure you activated at least one available plan. The following tutorial guides you through the activation process.


[To be completed …]


CONSELF provides you a real time status of the amount of credits used. After entering the application the main screen, under the dashboard page, provides you with a number of charts with all the info about the credits used and available.

CONSELF dashboard page

CONSELF dashboard page

Entering into the details of the dashboard, you can find:

  • Pie chart: report of the used vs available credits. The report refers to your current plan and it gets updated after every simulation finishes.
  • Horizontal bars chart: credits used during latest cases. With CONSELF you keep track of your costs in every moment and with this tool you can understand how you are using your credits and thus charging your customer according to this.
  • Bottom left buttons: link to this manual and to the CONSELF support team.