The geometry step represents the phase in which the user defines the main geometrical characteristics of the case. The user is required to draw a complete geometry using a CAD software. The geometry file must be loaded in terms of fluid volume in case of a CFD analysis and solid volume in case of MECH analysis. Some geometry files are available to be freely downloaded and used in our web application in this page.


  • Upload your geometry file. Supported formats are: STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, STL, OBJ, IFC.
  • File Units: definition of the unit system used to generate the geometry file.

CONSELF CFD on Cloud uses S.I. units. The length unit is used to rescale the geometry sizes to meters.


  • Flow type: definition of the type of flow, whether internal or external.
  • Bounding Box (present only if External Flow is selected): six data to define the distance of the bounding box from your geometry in negative and positive directions respectively.

After the completion of all fields, the user can finalize the step by clicking on the Submit button. This will start the Geometry step application that will appear in the Case in progress section of main Simulation page.



In geometry phase the user is requested to group the input cad file surfaces into boundaries. These boundaries are going to define specific behavior in later stages: they are reference of a certain refinement level while meshing, they impose inlet/outlet/wall boundaries during cfd simulation or loads/constraints in MECH analysis. The following video shows the way to handle with these grouping generation using our user interface.

Once we submit the geometry step it is not possible to edit the boundaries group defined. In case of mistakes, it is necessary to start over again with a new case.


As mentioned before, in a CFD analysis it is important to define the fluid volume we want to simulate, rather than the solid component. This fluid volume must be generated by the user using an external CAD application. For this reason we provide here a brief example of this boolean operation made with OnShape.


CONSELF is constantly producing more and more tutorials and guidelines to users so they can get benefits out of CFD/FEM simulations. In particular, referring to input CAD files and geometries, you can find a certain number of posts by visiting this page.